Hospice Care is designed to meet a patient’s needs when faced with an end of life illness.

Passionate Heart offers services to meet the needs of adult and pediatric patients of all races, ethnicities and illnesses.


To be a leader in hospice care, providing exceptional service to our community today and tomorrow.


Passionate Heart Hospice will lead in patient care, family experience and education for end of life illnesses.


Our Interdisciplinary Care Team consists of highly trained professionals to meet the member’s needs.

Medical Director

works with the patient and family, along with the attending physician to help manage symptoms and develop the right plan of care to ensure the correct diagnosis.

Skilled Nurses

skilled at managing the needs of the hospice patient by administering and overseeing palliative care and addressing the needs associated with the life limiting illness.

Medical Social Workers

helps the patient and their family receive the proper care and provide resources to help cope with the patient’s illness.

Certified Home Health Aides

a healthcare professional who supports patients by providing personal services, such as bathing, dressing, grooming and other household requirements.

Chaplain/Spiritual Counselor

provides spiritual care to help patient and family process the emotional end of life issues.


provides companionship, respite care for the family and assists with household needs.