Home Medical Equipment

When a loved one transitions to hospice, it’s crucial to know that they will receive all the required services, including home medical equipment. This equipment is not just a part but a cornerstone of the patient’s care plan, ensuring they are as comfortable as possible.

What are Home Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies?

Home Medical Equipment is an assistive service or equipment used by hospice personnel, patients, or family/caregivers to meet the patient’s needs (e.g., walker, commode, Hoyer lift, apnea monitor).

Hospice Supplies: Those disposable items used by hospice personnel, the patient, and/or family/caregiver to meet the patient’s hospice needs.

Oxygen and Related Equipment: Oxygen gas and any equipment used to deliver the gas to the patient.
When a family member enters hospice, Passionate Heart Hospice will coordinate the needs and delivery time to meet all patient requirements.

During the comprehensive initial home visit, the admitting clinician will thoroughly assess the patient, family, or caregiver to ensure they are fully knowledgeable about using any equipment in the home.

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