Volunteers are a vital part of the hospice team. They provide comfort, peace and care to patients, families and care givers as they face a terminal illness.

To support our mission, we developed a program to train and educate volunteers who want to help members of our community. Donating a small amount of your time will bring tremendous happiness to those faced with serious life challenges.


There are many ways for hospice volunteers to offer their time. Typically there are two groups: direct care and indirect care.


Volunteers who work directly with patients, families and care givers are considered direct care volunteers. They provide support and comfort in many ways.Common areas where direct care volunteers play a vital role are:

  • Sitting with patient and providing companionship
  • Assisting in household chores
  • Preparing meals
  • Providing respite time for family members to run errands
  • Providing an atmosphere to patient that is calming and joyful


Volunteers who prefer to help the hospice staff can spend time with administrative and organizations duties. Common tasks for indirect care volunteers include:

  • Preparing community events
  • Assisting in clerical duties
  • Offering support in the outreach programs
Please call (833) 526-9400 today and become a valued member of the Passionate Heart Hospice Team.